Min Chong, President and CEO

Min Chong’s career spans over twenty years of management and leadership experience in the military, high technology, and securities industries. He is a champion of applying technologies to improve trust, security, and business processes.

Accepting that many organizations rarely achieve optimal success in implementing new technologies, Mr. Chong founded Strategic Operational Solutions, Inc. (STOPSO), an IT strategy and management consulting firm. As the current President and CEO, Mr. Chong has developed an innovative services organization providing strategic solutions that enhance client operations. Under his leadership, STOPSO has grown significantly in seven years. Prior to STOPSO, he worked as an independent consultant and with several IT and management consulting firms in the areas of identity management and information assurance.

Mr. Chong is a recognized expert in the identity management community with a strong background in smart cards, Public Key Infrastructure, and biometrics technologies. He has been a featured speaker at various identity management and information assurance conferences such as the Biometric Consortium Conferences, DoD Identity Protection and Management Conference, CardTech/SecurTech, e-Gov Information Assurance Conference, DoD PKI/PKE Conferences, Information Assurance Technical Forum, SecurGov, Inside ID, and Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers Information Assurance Workshop to include IBM and KPMG Consulting.

Mr. Chong graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering. He was then commissioned in the United States Army, where he served in various leadership and staff positions both in the U.S. and overseas during his six years of service. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in Economics with a concentration in managerial economics from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Chong is married to Sophia and has one daughter, Yenna.