Program Management & Strategic Communications

STOPSO supports federal governments program management and strategic communications efforts of all sizes and scope.

Strategic Planning

We aid organizations in defining strategy and enable efficient resource allocation to meet specific goals. STOPSO utilizes iterative feedback loops to evaluate organizations' mission and strategic issues to strengthen current plans and work towards meeting and exceeding objectives. We continually update these plans based on real-world factors within the environment.


Performance Measurement

We collect, analyze, and report performance measurements utilizing scorecards, KPIs, and other relevant frameworks. We define performance measures and estimate the parameters under which programs, investments, and acquisitions reach the targeted results.


Continuous Process Improvement

We specialize in the ongoing improvement of products, services, or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements of our customers. We continuously review results and rapidly adopt changes when necessary. Due to our ability to adjust rapidly, we can influence large-scale changes with minimal changes to customer behavior and processes.


Public and Media Affairs

We work with media, public entities, and other relevant end customers to inform the public of organizations' mission, policies, and practices positively, consistently, and authentically. We ensure messaging is consistent and creates an impact on the chosen audience.


Multimedia and Graphics

We create, maintain, and improve multimedia and graphics such as documentation, text, sound, videos, posters, presentations, websites, and more. We consider specific domain knowledge and customer voice with increased emphasis on quality and value.


Event Planning and Management

We apply proven Project Management principles to event planning and management for tradeshows, meetings, conventions, ceremonies, and other events. We engineer successful, memorable, and cost-effective events through relationships with facilities, personnel, and proper planning.

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