Information Assurance & Cyber Security

STOPSO’s strategic approach to IA and cyber security addresses corporate governance, privacy, compliance, audits, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Our services portfolio includes Identity Management, Biometrics, Digital Forensics, and Cybersecurity. We provide Cybersecurity services and risk management solutions for information assurance across the enterprise. 

Certification and Accreditation

We evaluate, test, and examine security controls and compare the current systems' security posture with specific standards to ensure the security of information systems. We identify security weaknesses, plan mitigation strategies, and follow all NIST and relevant guidelines to provide our customers optimal and up-to-date support.


Information Security Administration

We specialize in protecting the network security of our customers. We work within established procedures to ensure network security access and protect against unauthorized access, modifications, or destruction throughout the environment through attention to detail, technical expertise, and the latest technologies.


NIST Cybersecurity Framework

We integrate NIST standards and best practices to combat our customer base's ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. We are intimately familiar with NIST Frameworks and stay fully abreast of the latest Versions and guidance.


Independent Verification and Validation

We provide a comprehensive review, analysis, and testing (hardware and software) for customers to ensure proper definition of requirements and efficient system implementation of required functionality and security requirements. We review source code, examine and create documentation, and utilize different testing methods to ensure functionality.


Strategic Policy

We specialize in the development of strategic policy for customers. We identify steps to enact policy, identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks, and utilize institutional and individual knowledge to work with our customers. We ensure policies are developed efficiently and effectively.

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