Information Technology

STOPSO offers a comprehensive approach to engineering IT support, including integrating business analysis, daily operational support of data centers, networks, desktops, and applications. We combine the right balance of technical expertise and business acumen to help you achieve complete integration and greater cost-efficiencies. Our experienced team aligns business processes with IT infrastructure to maximize productivity. We evaluate the impact of emerging technologies and standards to ensure the highest quality IT solutions. STOPSO offers the following enterprise IT technology/services:

IT Strategy

We provide comprehensive plans that outline how to utilize technology to meet IT and business goals. Our team offers documentation and strategy that details the multiple factors that affect customers' use of technology in their organizations. Our IT strategy includes cost management, human capital management, hardware and software management, vendor management, and risk management.


CIO Support

We provide Strategy, Planning, and Management activities to ensure missions and visions are met on time and under budget. Our extensive experience supporting the CIO office helps CIOs optimize processes and procedures.


Engineering and Integration

We provide customers with dynamic and cutting-edge support in the areas of IT engineering. We specialize in end-to-end support in deployment, operations, design, sustainment, and more. Our technical expertise leverages mission-critical data and tools to provide customers with rapid and accurate decision-making.


Business Enterprise Architecture

We identify and analyze the execution of change toward desired vision and outcomes through a proactive and holistic enterprise approach. Our team presents senior leadership and decision-makers with recommendations for adjusting policies and procedures to achieve tailored goals based on specific customer preferences.


Audio Visual and Video Teleconferencing

Our team provides full-service design, installation, and AV/VTC solutions support. Our state-of-the-art technologies are deployable across various networks and environments. Our flexible support and offerings improve collaboration, reduce costs, and allow our customers to effectively and efficiently meet their needs and requirements.


Data Analytics and Visualization

We value data and how to utilize it as a strategic asset. We analyze raw data in all file types, formats, and locations to gain insights to optimize performance and efficiencies. We identify trends, improve repositories, and perform predictive analytics to reduce costs and help inform decision-makers. Additionally, we transform Big Data into aesthetically pleasing and easily digestible charts, maps, visualization tools, and more.

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